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Remove signs that you've been on this website

If you're worried about someone finding out that you've been on this website, there are steps you can take to remove signs of your activity.


The three main steps are:

  1. Use the internet in private or incognito mode: before searching for anything on the internet or entering a website address, make sure that you have opened a private/incognito window or tab. If you do this, your internet browser won't record the webpages you visit or remember any log-in details or other information that you enter into online forms. Any cookies downloaded to your device during the browsing session will also be deleted (you just need to make sure that you close the window or tab once you're done).
  2. Delete your internet browser's history: unless you use the internet in private or incognito mode, your browser will automatically keep a record of all of the webpages that you've been on. This is what's known as your browser's 'history'. You can delete 247sexualabusesupport.org.uk pages – or any other webpages – from your history.
  3. Delete cookies: cookies are small files that websites download to your computer, mobile phone or other devices. They are used by websites to monitor your activity and remember certain information about you. You can also delete other site data, passwords and other sign-in data, and autofill form data.

Before taking these steps, check which internet browser you're using. The top three browsers used in the UK are Google Chrome, Safari (Apple) and Microsoft Edge.

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